There are many longboard brands out there but the two most popular are Kustom and Freight. If you want a good longboard that is not too expensive, you should go with Kustom. These wheels are very well made and are much better than the cheap decks you can buy at big box stores. Freight wheels are also very nice, but they are not exactly the cheapest option. Resource

Why The Loaded Dervish Is Better Than Most Other Longboards?

If you are looking for longboard brands for cruising, then you probably want to get something that is loaded with personality. There are a few longboard brands out there that will fit this bill, but a couple of the best are Sector 9 longboards and Baja wheels. Sector 9 wheels were created in California and are loaded with character. They have a classic look that is just a bit different than other longboard wheels. Baja wheels on the other hand were designed in Mexico, and they are considered by many to be one of the best longboard wheels on the market.

These two longboard brands make a full range of boards, from beginners to pro classes. They all have solid steel frame and are loaded with features to make downhill skating easy. Yocaher longboards are loaded with all kinds of features such as dropouts, rockers, high-performance trucks, bearings, and so much more. They even have specialty trucks that are specifically manufactured for skating downhill. All in all, if you are serious about skating downhill, then you might want to consider checking out the new Yocaher longboards, and getting them as soon as possible.