Fire Watch Services

What To Expect With Fire Watch Services When it comes to fire safety, you can expect to be kept well-protected, informed. Fire Watch services are offered by professional firms who offer comprehensive monitoring services and protective solutions that include fire safety management plans. A professional firm will conduct a comprehensive assessment before deploying any plan of action and will provide comprehensive fire watch services. These services involve the installation of closed circuit televisions in all fire fighting vehicles, fire lookout posts and fire stations. A fire watch is also recommended for personnel who are responsible for emergency calls.


The implementation of fire watch services involves a comprehensive risk assessment and review that include the review of the fire alarm system installed in the building. This includes the installation of the latest technology including CCTV cameras, fire detection systems, smoke detectors, fire doors and fire alarms. The fire alarm system is usually the first point of call for emergency services and is the first line of defense against fire outbreaks. Fire watch services also involve training of personnel to respond to emergency situations. These include fire watch guards who are stationed at strategic locations within the building and are equipped with special firefighting equipment.


The goal of fire watch services is to reduce risks of fire occurrence and fatalities resulting from combustible materials, such as paper, wood, plastics, paperboard and cotton. In addition, on-site trained guards will conduct random checks of the fire fighting equipment and facilities. Regular training sessions will also educate staff on identifying hazardous conditions, extinguishing the fire in its early stages, common fire hazards and emergency procedures. The trained guards will also conduct off-site inspections of fire fighting equipment, fire escapes and other sites that may pose fire risks.