The build a land rover defender has a history that extends back to 1921. It’s a legendary off-roader that’s been reimagined for a new age with classic design cues, modern technology and the seemingly unstoppable off-roading capability that makes it so iconic.

Build a land rover defender with this LEGO Technic set

The Lego Technic sets excel at recreating scaled-down versions of real-life vehicles, but they can sometimes wash over details and miss out on key aspects. This kit is no exception to that rule, as it sculpts all of the Defender’s main components.

Adaptive Dynamics

The Defender rides on a 4-wheel independent suspension that employs double wishbones in front and an integral link design at the rear. Coil springs are standard, with an electronic air suspension available as an option that includes Adaptive Dynamics for a more responsive ride and improved handling.

Advanced Tow Assist

For towing a trailer, the Defender offers an advanced semi-autonomous steering system that can automatically steer and reverse with a trailer attached. It’s also equipped with a host of camera-based safety features, including a ClearSight Ground View camera that can help you navigate around obstacles.

Choosing the right engine

The Defender offers an array of advanced Ingenium petrol and diesel engines, as well as a plug-in hybrid powertrain that offers silent electric-only progress of 27 miles. It also has an incredibly powerful 525PS V8 that combines characteristic Land Rover capability with incredible performance and bespoke chassis settings to accentuate driver engagement.