Wholesale Piercing Jewelry

To create your own unique piece of body Wholesale Piercing Jewelry, you can either open your own store or develop a retail storefront. Regardless of your approach, successful people in the industry began by developing wholesale arrangements with large and local retailers. If you’re just starting out, you should participate in craft shows and pop-up shops to promote your products and build your brand. A successful piercing business is based on strong branding, a unique design, and photography.

High-quality Pieces Are Polished To A Mirror Finish

When selecting your materials, you’ll need to consider a number of factors. For your initial piercing, you may want to choose lead-free soda lime or borosilicate. These materials are both biocompatible and autoclavable. However, smaller pieces may be a bit delicate and need to be taken care of by a professional piercer. Also, acrylic is sensitive and should only be worn by one person at a time. Alcohol and mouthwashes may damage acrylic, so it’s best to avoid it unless you’re sure you won’t be allergic to it.

Quality matters when it comes to purchasing wholesale piercing jewelry. High-quality pieces are polished to a mirror finish. If not, they can cause discomfort and delayed healing. Poor-quality items may even compromise biocompatibility. Also, look for jewelry that’s free of polishing compounds. You can see these deposits near fixed beads or in the threading of the earrings. Lastly, check for nicks, scratches, and burrs.