Different Types of managed VPS Hosting

On the other hand with managed vps hosting, the business owner does not have to hire any server at all, instead he/she will only be able to access their own server from wherever they are, which again comes with great benefits. The other major difference between managed and unmanaged VPS hosting is the fact that with unmanaged hosting, you can actually split your VPS into multiple servers thus allowing each of those servers to utilize different operating systems like Linux, Mac OS or windows. However, when you are running a VPS on a dedicated server, you are only allowed to use one specific operating system which can make VPS management more difficult and time consuming. Also, the amount of memory, processing power and disk space that you can use from each server will also differ.

Window VPS Hosting.

Managed VPS hosting is generally described as a service where a physical server is provided by a host provider to a client which enables them to run their own virtual private server within the same infrastructure as their traditional dedicated server. In other words, managed vps hosting means to say that a business owner leases a physical server from a hosting provider for their website and is allowed to install and utilize their preferred software/programs/services on that server as well as have full root access to it. In simple terms, when a client has this type of arrangement with their VPS web host, they are able to get the most out of their server. With managed hosting, the business owner needs to hire or buy their own server which generally means they will need to spend a lot of money and do a lot of work. Furthermore, there will be no admin privileges allowing them to do anything on their server aside from their own software/programs/services which will definitely limit their flexibility.

VPS Hosting is generally classified into two categories viz. unmanaged and managed VPS hosting. Now in this article, we will be distinguishing between them so that you know what they are, their pros and cons, plus why you should always prefer managed VPS hosting to your business hosting needs. In addition, we will look at the major differences between unmanaged and managed VPS hosting.

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