If you’ve noticed cracks in your concrete sidewalk, driveway, or floor, you may want to seek concrete repair Ottawa service as soon as possible. These problems can cause unwanted moisture to seep in or uninvited animal visitors to enter your home. While cracks in concrete are common, knowing when they need repair can be difficult. Ottawa concrete is especially susceptible to seasonal wear and tear. Summertime moisture can freeze in the winter, causing cracks and damage to your sidewalk.

Knowing When to Call a Service Provider

For small cracks and chips, you can use epoxy to patch the concrete with a thin layer of the material. Foam sealant injections, which expand to fill cracks, are another option. They’re also waterproof and can be used on smaller jobs. Avoid using caulking or hydraulic cement as these will not bond well with existing concrete. Contact an expert in concrete repair Ottawa today for a free quote! You can request an estimate online or call the company directly to discuss your concrete repair project.

Another common issue requiring concrete repair is cracked and broken concrete. Broken concrete is usually caused by heavy storms, but it can also be a result of normal wear and tear. The cracks may be minor or large, but a skilled concrete repair Ottawa service will identify the extent of the damage. Generally, cracks and holes in concrete are easily repaired, but large gaps need replacement of the entire concrete. In both cases, the old concrete must be raked out in order to make room for the new concrete.