fitted collared shirts

Fitted collared shirts collared shirts are a versatile option for any outfit, whether you’re looking for a smart-casual business look or a more casual day at the office. They are a great alternative to classic oxford dress shirts, and can be worn with jeans or suit trousers for more formal looks, or with a pair of shorts for a more casual feel.

Shirts with a fitted collar should have a high armhole, which allows for a tapered sleeve that follows the contours of your arms without excess fabric forming folds. They should also have a smooth, even cuff that doesn’t fold and billow as your arms hang down straight.

The Sleek and Stylish Look of Fitted Collared Shirts: A Complete Guide

The shirt should also taper from the chest to the waist, so there is no fabric left between the shirt and your pants when tucked in. This will help give you a slimmer, more tailored appearance and ensure the shirt doesn’t wiggle around when you move.

It’s a good idea to try on fitted shirts in stores, or order a sample online before you buy your first one. Often, the size you think you should get will be too big or too small in real life.

A shirt’s collar is probably the most visible element of the garment, so it should be carefully chosen to harmonize with your face shape and enhance your overall appearance. Choose a traditional collar for a more formal look, or an extreme cutaway collar for a bold, British-inspired style.