IPQS IP reputation

IP reputation is one of the key factors that mailbox providers use to determine whether your email campaign should be delivered to their subscribers’ inboxes or sent to spam folders. This measure is important for all businesses, especially those that send newsletters and updates to their subscribers.

Checking IPQS IP reputation is the first step to ensure that your emails are reaching their target audience and not being caught in spam filters. There are several tools online that let you check your IP reputation score for free.

A bad IP reputation is a common reason for your emails to end up in the spam folders. It can be caused by many reasons like zombie machines, open proxies, and even personal computers that have been compromised.

How to Check and Monitor the Reputation of IP Addresses for Cybersecurity and Fraud Prevention

Using the IPQS API, you can get real-time information about your IP reputation. This data can help you identify suspicious IPs or those that may be associated with malware, phishing sites, and other malicious behavior.

Premium Account Feature:

The IPQS Fraud Score and Abuse Velocity value can be used to indicate how frequently this IP address is engaging in abuse across our threat network. This value can be “high”, “medium”, or “low”.

Risk Score (Transaction & User Data) – Analyze payment details and user data to produce an overall risk score, from 0 to 100. It can help identify bogus user details, unauthorized payment transactions, disposable phone numbers & emails, and similar reputation issues.

The IPQS Proxy & VPN detection API also allows analysts to access more details on an IP, including its geographical location, internet provider, and ASN. This can be helpful for attribution purposes or to pivot to different Transforms in order to continue the investigation.