Finding Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers isn’t difficult if you know where to look. Online marketplaces like Alibaba offer data on sellers, as well as ratings based on their sales. This data can help you determine the reliability of a supplier. Suppliers are rated based on the number of items they sell, as well as their customer ratings and trading history. It is important to find suppliers with at least two years of experience and a 98% approval rating.

Why are your customers buying our jewelry? …

Jewelry websites should also have detailed information about the materials they use, including precious metal alloys. It’s not enough that a website says the jewelry is “silver,” since “silver” can mean various colors. To avoid dealing with companies that don’t provide this information, make sure to check out their quality control programs. Look for a vendor who conducts random lab tests quarterly, and ask if they adhere to tolerances for precious metal alloys.

VerySelection started operations in the United Kingdom in 2012, and it moved to China in 2013. It provides jewelry products to clients at low prices and ships internationally. The jewelry products it sells are of high quality and feature excellent designs. The company has been in business for over 20 years, and it has a diverse customer base. They ship their jewelry to over 200 countries.

The Welman Group is one of the biggest Jewelry Wholesale in the United States, and based in Bethesda, Maryland, they specialize in sterling silver and stainless steel jewelry. Their aim is to provide quality items at competitive prices. They ship direct to their clients and typically deliver within 24 hours, although international orders may take longer.