podiatrist hurlstone park

The Podiatrist Hurlstone Park is the name of a small district in the City of Austin, Texas. This little gem is tucked away in the hills of South Austin. There are many quaint little shops and restaurants to be found here. The best way to get around is with a good Austin Public Library Tour.

Podiatrist Hurlstone park – Popular attraction here!

The most popular attraction here is Dr. Harry Hurlstone, a famous podiatrist and world famous author. His many books have made him a beloved figure both in the United States and Australia. There are also many other attractions around this great town including the Museum of Contemporary Art, The Austin Film Festival, the First Friday Art Walks, and the South Austin Playhouse. All of these activities are a great time to be in this part of town. If you are visiting during the summer months, look for the ever popular Summer Fest.

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