Spree Sports is a fitness tracker that straps a sensor to your forehead. It gives information on heart rate and body temperature but it has a lot of limitations and only works with a limited range of Android devices.

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It is also quite expensive for an active wearable and the apps are still in development. It does have some unique features, but it needs a bit of work to make it a good option for active people.

The device is a small, sturdy device with two sides coated in rubber and the front side covered in clear plastic. The side that goes against your forehead has the sensors and the status light.

It has a very low profile and does not look like a traditional wristband fitness tracker, but it can measure your heart rate without the uncomfortable restriction of a chest strap and is a little more comfortable than the common silicone bracelet. It comes in a variety of colors and can be safely removed for charging or washed between workouts.

The Spree app displays the metrics it is tracking on a colored-coded, quick-look dashboard with an upper arc showing body temperature and a lower arc showing heart rate. You can also change the display to show more or less data depending on how you want to view it.