Those squishy little rectangles called Invisalign Chewies are your new favorite Invisalign accessories. Also known as clear aligner bite guards, clear aligner chew toys are denture holders made of clear, comfortable polyurethane. These are not hard or brittle plastic bite protectors, these are practical and hygienic vinyl bite protectors for your Invisalign braces. The good thing about this is that they don’t take up space in your dental case, they fit securely around your teeth, and they are comfortable to wear all day. Clear aligner bite guards are also known as clear aligner trays.


The main difference between the two models of bite guards is that one has a series of clear, comfortable, soft silicone molding that goes over each tooth in your mouth so that your teeth remain in proper alignment while you brush and floss. The second type of Invisalign cheese is just a plain clear tray with no molding or padding. You may think that an orthodontist should never suggest a third option but most dentists have a soft spot inside their head that dictates what they will ultimately recommend. When it comes to your Invisalign braces, you have made a huge commitment to your orthodontist so don’t do it rashly by trying to switch an aligner trays or other appliance out to see if it works better.


The biggest problem that patients run into with tooth-straightening procedures such as Invisalign is that they can be expensive and time consuming, especially if you need several appliances at once. Invisalign chew toys are an inexpensive alternative to the more costly full-size appliances that dentists would recommend for your case. By giving you the ability to save time and money when you get new teeth straightened, these chewable aligners can be the best investment in your orthodontist’s career. Patients are recommended to try these new products first when getting ready for the first visit with their orthodontist so you can be sure that they work and that they fit comfortably within your mouth.