Boat trailer keel rollers are used mainly to help with the launching of large vessels. They can either be rollers or couplings depending on your needs and the type of vessel you will be launching. The trailer will have a launching ramp that is built underneath the trailer so that it can be rolled out when the trailer is ready to be launched. There will be a support area for the rollers to sit on as well. This launching area is usually a part of the boat’s bed and the placement there depends entirely upon where the boat will be launched.

Why do you need to Know About Boat Trailer Keel Rollers?

boat trailer keel rollers

The most important thing to consider with boat trailer keel rollers is that the vehicles must be able to support the weight of the trailer when it is rolled onto them with a good amount of force. This means that the bed of the trailer must be strong enough to hold up the trailer and the bow mount on the side needs to be sturdy enough to keep the bow of the boat from buckling due to extreme side forces when the trailer is forcefully rolled into the boat’s cabin. If either of these areas are weak then the boat trailer keel rollers will not function properly. This will make the trailer more dangerous than it needs to be and may actually cause damage to the vehicle instead of helping it move freely.

Other things to watch out for include uneven shafts. This is a common problem among many manufacturers of this type of trailer, and although the rollers may feel fine, the shaft of the trailer will eventually become misaligned. Over time the misalignment will cause the bow of the boat to move while the trailer still glides along the water. In fact, many ships had to be scrapped because they ran into problems with their shaft alignment.